Monday, December 10, 2007

"Learn to love the people who are with you at present. Forget the people in the past and thank them for hurting you, which led you to love the people you have right now".
If he never came into my life, i would have never realised what i want and don't want, what i appreciate and what i dont appreciate. So i thank him, because if i didn't love him, i would have never had the courage to love you. And i love you very much so, even if i dont show it or let you know enough.

"When you love someone, you'll do crazy things you can't explain, you'll deny the truth and believe in lies. When you love someone, you sacrifice, give everything you've got and don't think twice. You risk it all no matter what. Everything in life is temporary because everything changes. That is why it takes courage to love, knowing it might end anytime...having faith will make it last."
This is so true. You really do just want to see everything through rose coloured glasses and make excuses for everything he does. You don't want to believe that they can dissapoint you. Because when they do, its the worse feeling in the world. that's why i am leaving. Because you are dissapointing me, and I want to remember you as Fabio, my beautiful, nice Fabio, not this other person I am beginning to see. Thats the beauty of love - you risk it all, knowing it could not be real, knowing reality can come crashing down, but with heaps of faith and belief, you will make it through. But i am a coward.

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